2014 Minutes of Technology Council meetings

Two elements make the minutes of TC meetings: a) a summary of the meeting published on the TC web page and b) a transcript of the IRC conversation circulated on the TC list.

29 August 2014


1) Housekeeping
   Call for OW2 TC Chair Candidates (yes, again)
   Minutes of previous meeting

2) Current 5 priorities update
A- discussion on the infrastructure migration
   Questionnaire in progress: http://www.ow2.org/view/MembersOnly/Infrasurvey  
   Tuleap: prepare CEO meeting with Enalean on Sept. 4

B- code base management
   Code Base Management Task Force update

C- project submissions
    Nursery: API Management Platform accepted
    Lutece: vote results
    Where will next projects come from?

D- TC meetings
    Next TC meetings
    OW2con face to face meeting

    RISCOSS use-case to be launched
    SQuAT and Mature criteria relation (discussion)
    Trainee request to implement SQuAT: who can find and host an OW2 trainee?

3) AOB
    Programming contest next steps, will need help to follow-up
     OW2con'14 update: http://www.ow2.org/view/OW2con-2014/
    Eclipse, OpenStack discussions: TC guidance required.
    CTO issue (still pending)
    Security initiative update

Type: IRC
Minutes: 1408-TC-Summary-v1.pdf

6 June 2014


  • 1) Housekeeping
    Call for OW2 TC Chair Candidates
    Hailong Vice Chair proposal discussion
  • 2) Current 5 priorities update
    • A- discussion on the infrastructure migration
         - upgrade status (servers, ow2stack, tools, etc.)
         - migration method discussion (tool usage survey?)
    • B- code base management
         -  Method discussion (will circulate details by mail)
         -  Googledoc update review
    • C- project submissions
          - Any new project currently in the pipe?
          - GitHub effect?
    • D- TC meetings
         - Discuss dates
          Next TC meeting
    • E- SQuAT
          - RISCOSS update (quality tools analysis)
  • 3) AOB
        - CTO issue
        - Security initiative plan

Type: IRC
Minutes: 1406-TC-Summary-v1.pdf

16 May 2014


  • Discussion of 5 priorities and status/proposals:
    • A- discussion on the infrastructure migration
    • B- code base management
    • C- project submission
    • D- TC meetings:
    • E- SQuAT
  • Summary and next steps
  • Next TC meeting

Type: IRC
Minutes: 1405-TC-Minutes-v1.pdf