2009 Technology Council Meetings

9th of December


  • OnceSS technical presentation
  • CSTC proposal
  • Competing projects
  • Status on submitted projects
  • Licenses
  • Incubation to Mature upgrade process
  • Vision document
  • Project hosting and membership
  • Free riders and OW2 infrastructure

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20091209.pdf

16th of November


  • CCV presentation
  • ChangFeng presentation
  • Technology positioning discussion
  • Infrastructure

Type: Audio
Materials: OW2TCMeeting20091116

29th of September


  • New project presentation
    • Chameleon
    • Weblab
  • Architecture
  • UForge
  • Trustie Forge Technical Architecture
  • Constructing an Internet-oriented Software Production Environment.
  • The introduction of trustie software resource repository.
  • Service oriented software production line and a case study.
  • Software Evolution Infrastructure - Review of OW2 Projects.

Type: F2F (INRIA Montbonnot)
Materials: OW2QuarterlyMeetingSept2009

15th of September


  • Programming contest update
  • Review of application for new TCK
  • OW2 infrastructure update
  • Presentation of the Chinese Software Testing Center
  • Review of OW2 event dates
  • Idea of sponsor/mentor/coach/champion
  • Trustie topics
  • Preparation of physical TC on 29 September at INRIA

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20090915.pdf
Material: TrustieAgenda29Sept.pdf

10th of June


  • Website
  • OW2 internship market place
  • Webinars
  • OSGi Alliance update
  • Programming contest
  • New projects
  • Discussion on the technical vision and licensing model

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20090610.pdf

30th of March


  • New project presentations
    • Scarbo
    • Open Suit
    • Shelbie
  • Trustie update
  • Architecture discussion

Type: F2F Paris
Minutes: OW2-QM-TC-Minutes20090330.pdf
Materials: OW2QuerterlyMeetingandGeneralAssembly

23th of January


  • New projects: J2WS, Scarbo
  • Component model and OW2
  • Review of the submitted talks for the 2009 OW2 Conference
  • 2009 Programming contest
  • OW2 infrastructure update
  • Update on the new project page

Type: Audio
Minutes: OW2-TC-Minutes20090123.pdf