TC Meeting  - 2017-01-27


  • Martin Hamant MHA
  • Stéphane Laurière SLA
  • Marius Matei MMA
  • Benoit Mortier BMO


User management

  • Now in production \o/
  • Bamboo needs to be moved to the new LDAP
  • Infrastructure status
  • BMO: the migration sounds ok from the user experience perspective
  • MHA: we may consider installing the audit plugin
  • BMO reminds the possible use of a user profile plugin (made for huma-num)
  • BMO on the audit plugin: the audit plugin of FusionDirectory tells you who have done what at which time. The audit plugin has dependencies with Argonaut to clean the LDAP branch (the LDAP stores the audit logs). The plugin store the audit trail into a branch of the ldap but from FusionDirectory you can only look at it there is no modification possible.
  • BMO: you cannot modifiy audit trail from FusionDirectory
  • MJA: I showed up FD to Lakshmi, she's happy with the way to update orgs data
  • MHA: we still have to rewrite pages like and voting pages
  • MHA the thing I cannot do with FD webservice right now is the bottom of
  • MHA: "individual members": we cannot resolve uid to first/last name for such a huge list (cf my mail to fd ML) dynamically, but that's not a priority I guess, I can built a static list (and I'm not sure to choose FD webservice for that)
  • MHA we still have Helios to test out


  • MHA:
  • MHA: I want every project based on Tuleap to be moved over in the coming three weeks
  • MHA: one can login with your regular ow2 credential here
  • BMO: what is planned to synchronize git repos ?
  • MHA: well, I think there is a feature to handle this in gitlab
  • BMO: from github or our own repo doesnt matter
  • SLA actually both directions would be nice to have. Some projects developed in OW2 forge and willing to have a presence on GitHub (this is what PostgreSQL community is doing I think, developing in their own forge and sync toward GitHub)
  • MHA - for Enterprise Edition only, too bad
  • BMO: yep we do exaclty that emoticon_smile
  • MHA: so I guess it is implemented in gitlab, one should test it out
  • BMO i can be the tester for syncing with gitlab fd -> gitlba  
     are we going to speak about release management ?
     or we let ideas flow one more week
     gitlab runners / CI has to be tested out too
  • BMO: fore release management i didn't respond to your mail yet for me CI should be included
  • SLA: GitLab-CI looks quite interesting, Alter Way moved from Jenkins got GitLab-CI as far as I understood, and they're very interested in it, especially with the relation with Docker
  • MHA: well, docker is another step for us I would say
  • SLA: I agree that CI should be part of the release management process indeed martinus
  • MHA: release mgnt topic is not exclusive to gitlab, it's about OW2 process, indeed, it's a wider process, right
  • MHA: did you know that gitlab had System Hooks ?  "System hooks can be used for binding events when GitLab creates a User or Project."
  • MHA: first priority is migrating our projects to gitlab
  • MHA: how should we proceeed with projects using Tuleap on a daily basis? we'll set a migration date? (like chorevolution)
  • MHA: Yes, for CRV we have to think about it, it's release-related too
  • MHA: I want to switch off Tuleap VM in the coming three weeks. I started to ask to PaaSage. That's shouldn't be long as Etienne has great knowledge of Gitlab
  • SLA: so we shall migrate CRV after the review
  • MHA: slauriere, yes understood


  • SLA: the GSoC regitration of organizations is now open since a few days, I had a look at the terms and conditions, there's a lot of legal stuff, I need to review all that with Cedric before signing up, it's a work in progress
  • SLA: the registration procedure ends Feb. 9 I think so we need to settle all that before
  • BMO: :-)


  • MHA: I would like the TC council members to be informed/remind what is the mission of the TC as stated at, it comes to my mind when thinking about the release management
  • SLA; this is actually what's happening at the moment, isn't it? Several members react in order to find the right direction collectively, raising some relevant points
  • MHA: but it has to go further. The TC is not only about sharing experience. It's about building ow2. "build the overall technical architecture"
  • SLA: true,  sharing experience and motivations is a good start, then we'll have to decide
  • MHA: not only decide, but design the process, ie the release management the TC is not about sharing idea and decide which ones are good or bad, not only that, but formalize what has to be done, how. Building their own house is the way to go, which house do you want to live in ?
  • BMO: a free one emoticon_smile
  • MHA: I'm thinkign this way
  • MHA right, youre right bilbo-the-hobbit , it's a good starting topic, but after that, the house should be build for real emoticon_wink, and it is the mission of the TC, with my support
  • BMO: of course i'am building real stuff every days emoticon_smile
  • SLA: NB: the decision process for accepting / refusing projects in the OW2 code base is pretty clear, however the decision process regarding other topics is not as clear it seems. We need a consensus. At this stage there are strong inputs and not much room for a consensus yet.
  • MHA: review the mission terms of the TC, project lifecycle seems ok, "build the overall technical architecture" isn't going to be reached that easily emoticon_wink So if it's not the TC to do that, we should find another way
  • SLA: we need to discuss that further indeed, it's complex topic
  • BMO: yes maybe we need a review board or something
  • SLA: ok, to be discussed..
  • MHA: review if the terms are realistic
  • BMO: martinus: review basic on ethic / mission / purpose
    <slauriere> the OW2 Board may have this role
     may it not?
  • MHA: I'm afraid the TC cannot be involved as it was back in 90's where public forge was so cool and rare to have access to for free
  • MHA: I have the feeling the TC terms hasn't much moved since then. At the time, people were interested having a great house because it was a great and rare opportunity. That's totally different today.