OW2 Technology Council

About the OW2 Technology Council

The scope of the OW2 Technology Council (TC) is to1:

  • make project lifecycle decisions (see the projects page and the lifecycle criteria)
  • build the overall technical architecture
  • define technical guidelines
  • provide technology validation
  • monitor production and overall projects consistency
  • define the organization’s architecture vision
  • validate the founding charters of Projects and Initiatives

The Technology Council provides guidelines to the OW2 Management Office regarding the evolution of the OW2 technical platform.

Technology Council roles and members

The TC is composed of OW2 project leaders and of additional hands-on open-source practitioners.

The Technology Council is run by:

  • Its elected Chairman, Daniele Gagliardi from Engineering Group
  • The OW2 CTO, Antoine Mottier

Please check out the full list of roles, how to join and current members list.

Communication Resources


The Technology Council can be contacted at technology-council at ow2 dot org.

  1. ^ As per section 6.02d of the OW2 Bylaws