Download statistics legacy

We're talking about (login required), which data is not updated since June 2018, along with gforge shutdown.

What is it ?

This is a set of Perl scripts that were developped back in the 2000's.

How does it work ?

The whole mechanism requires two things in order to work:
- access to Gforge database
- access to web server log files

In a nutshell, the system is able to extract downloads hits per project/component/release/file. It makes a relation between the path and filename of the downloaded file found in the  webserver's logs AND Gforge's FRS project/component/release/file defined in GForge database.

So it heavily relies on both Gforge and web server log and it has its own way to count what is download. For example the system counts every hits with status 200 or 304, regardless of the IP and timeframe which tends to grow up a bit the reported metrics. however it counts only one download for status code 206 per IP per day.