TC Membership


Natural Right

The OW2 project leaders automatically have the right to a seat in the council. Newly accepted project leaders are proposed to join the TC.


An existing member can propose to add a new participant in the council. The proposed participant does not need to be a project leader. This proposition should be motivated. The TC is free to accept or reject the proposition.


If the leader of a given project changes, the TC should be notified. The retiring participant should send an e-mail stating that he steps down as a TC member and he must also propose a replacement.

The OW2 TC or the OW2 CTO has to subscribe the replacement member to the TC list beforehand.


Participation in the TC is not mandatory; any participant is free to retire at any time. A retired member will be unsubscribed from the TC list and will lose any right to vote. A retired member should (if he/she was representing a project) propose a replacement person.